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Don Carlos’ Famous Hat

Add this stylish hat to your collection! On use: summons an incorporeal coyote spirit to accompany you. The spirit will remain until sent away or…

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The Hexxer's Mask
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The Hexxer’s Mask

The perfect mask for almost every occasion. Binds when picked up. Cloth armor. Dropped by: Jin’do the Godbreaker. This NPC can be found in Zul’Gurub….

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Seed of Tranquil Growth
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Seed of Tranquil Growth

On use, this trinket summons a Tranquil Spout to heal you for 10 min. (1 Hour Cooldown) Dropped by: Nasra Spothide. This NPC can be…

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Toy Windmill
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Toy Windmill

This trinket summons a huge Windmill Lance above your head for a few seconds. This is a quest reward. Toy Windmill

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Old Ironjaw

Held In Off-hand. The legendary uncatchable fish of Ironforge.  Just holding this scaly old monster makes you feel tough. Old Ironjaw

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Shiny Shoes

This is a buff that makes shiny sparkles around your shoes. Simply visit Sheddle Glossgleam in Dalaran and sit in the chair next to him…

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Gus’ First Aid Kit

This trinket summons a Goblin nurse that will perform a physical. (2 Min Cooldown) Quest reward. Gus’ First Aid Kit

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Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator

There’s no hat like this one.Use: Channels a bolt of lightning and hurls it towards all enemies in front of the caster causing 147 to…

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Ruby Slippers

Returns you to your Hearthstone Location. Works exactly like your Hearthstone but they both share the same cooldown. Dropped by The Crone the final boss…

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Furbolg Medicine Pouch

Just a pouch you can carry around. Held In Off-hand. Furbolg Medicine Pouch  

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Black Diamond Ring

One of the 3 rings that has a visual effect when worn. The second being the Black Ice (quest reward) and the third being the…

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Miniature Voodoo Mask

This trinket Calls forth 3 Voodoo Gnomes to destroy your enemies. (10 Min Cooldown) Dropped by: Hex Lord Malacrass. This NPC can be found in…

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Fire Eater’s Guide

Book held In Off-hand made by inscription players. Breathe fire on enemies in front of you. (2 Min Cooldown). Created by players with Inscription profession,…

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Noble’s Elementium Signet

A glowing expensive ring for your character. Sold by Haris Pilton and Qixdi Goodstitch in The Cape of Stranglethorn for 2400 gold – Limited stock….

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Fras Siabi’s Barely Bigger Beer

This beer will change your mount and character’s appearance for 20min. Use: Drink the lager. (1 Min Cooldown) “For when every bit counts” Sold by Brazie…

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Fire-Watcher’s Oath

Transform into an Ordon Fire-Watcher. PvP kills made while transformed have a chance to grant Bloody Coins. (10 Min Cooldown) “Ordon Fire-Watchers carry the ashes…

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Vile Fumigator’s Mask

Use: Sprays an enemy with vile fumes, incapacitating it for 30 sec. Any damage caused will revive the target. (20 Min Cooldown) Contained in Heart-Shaped…

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Cro’s Apple

Your character can crush this apple using an animation. Crush the apple! Apple Crush. 2 sec cast. Sold by Cro Threadstrong. Cro’s Apple

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Lei of Lilies

Neckless. Use: Conjures a Lily Root that restores health and mana when eaten. (1 Hour Cooldown) Lei of Lilies    

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Mourning Glory

If you carry this item in your bags a flower will bloom if your character dies. “It is said these flowers will bloom over the…

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