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Zhar’doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer

Two-Hand Staff Just a nice looking staff, this thing is still alive. 17.90% drop chance on Illidan Stormrage. Zhar’doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer    

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Sandrene’s Invisible Vest / Sandrene’s Invisible Hauberk

Leather and Mail Chest. This vest is simply invisible. Flavor text: “It’s there.  You just can’t see it.” This quest is available to Horde and…

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The Emperor’s New Cape

Back. This is not something you come accross every day. This cape is simply invisible. You can of course hide cloaks via the settings but…

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Two-Hand Staff Quite handy, when equipped this staff allows underwater breathing. Also, it’s quite easy to obtain with 29.38% drop chance on Viscous Fallout, one…

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Circle of Flame

Head Armor Cloth This item triggers a tornado of flames around the caster on use. Pretty nice effect. The drop rate is low around 4%…

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Orange Painted Turnip
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Orange Painted Turnip

Trinket Use: Throw an Orange Painted Turnip at the target location, causing any nearby virmen to run away in fear for 3 sec. (5 Min…

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Battle Horn

Use: Blast a blaring horn, attracting enemies within 40 yards. (2 Min Cooldown). “Carried by Yaungol scouts to alert allies to impending attacks.” Battle Horn…

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Captain Sanders' Shirt
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Captain Sanders’ Shirt and Sash

Captain Sanders left a treasure for you to find. You can get his shirt and belt by following the clues in his treasure map. Click…

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Kobold Candle
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Kobold Candle

This dynamite stick so-called “candle” is available for Alliance players only but Horde players can get a similar item (same color and same art.) Both…

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Now that’s a gadget. Use: Swaps your location with another party member.  Cannot be used in combat. (1 Min Cooldown) “Warning: Swapping with someone using…

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Farmer’s Broom

Two-Hand Staff. Very cheap and easy to get nowadays. Farmer’s Broom

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Bouquet of Red Roses
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Bouquet of Roses

Held In Off-hand Use: Shower a nearby target with a cascade of black or red petals! You can self-target. You can loot these bouquets durin…

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Bottled Tornado

Trinket dropped by Kal’tik the Blight located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Use: Jump high into the sky. It can only be used outdoors but…

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One of the most useful items I’ve ever had. This boomerang will loot several corpses at once. Handy when a corpse is out of reach….

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Collection of elegant hats

I really like the design of this hat. I thought you might like it too. Same hat in different colors: Ata’mal Crown (Quest Reward) / Whitemane’s…

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Patchwork Hut
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You can build these tents pretty much everywhere except on battlegrounds, capitals, instances and few other specific areas like that. These are from your garrison,…

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Cat Lover's Vest
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Cat Lover’s Vest

Just because of the name 🙂  Also, it’s the only model in that color available in-game. Quest reward Tiger Mastery in Northern Stranglethorn. Not sure…

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Autumn Blossom Tree
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Blossom Trees

Plant a beautiful Spring Blossom Tree that lasts for 3 min. (3 Min Cooldown). The seeds are sold by Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market in…

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Straw Hat

A fun accessory for a different look . This hat is sold by Gina Mudclaw You can choose between cloth, leather, mail, and plate. Other…

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X-52 Rocket Helmet

On use, lauches your character to the air and deploys a parachute. Quest reward: Back to the Chief! X-52 Rocket Helmet  

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