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Mesmerizing Fruit Hat

Item that changes the appearance of your hat into a fruit hat for 1 hour. Your character will be dancing and walking slowly. This item…

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Rosary of Light

Trinket. Use: Say a prayer to the Light for 1 minute.  Not usable while in combat. (5 Min Cooldown) Rosary of Light This item drops…

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River Boat

Use: Summon your River Boat on the water’s surface within 20 yards. May only be used in Thousand Needles. Unfortunately, it’s not usable everywhere but…

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Precious’ Ribbon

Shirt – The Precious’s Ribbon gives the “Best in Show” buff as long as you wear the shirt. Dropped by: Precious, one of the mobs…

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Don Carlos’ Famous Hat

Add this stylish hat to your collection! On use: summons an incorporeal coyote spirit to accompany you. The spirit will remain until sent away or…

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