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Enchanted Dust

Enchanted Dust. Use: Make someone shine for 5 min. Created with Enchanting Enchanted Dust

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Shiny Shoes

This is a buff that makes shiny sparkles around your shoes. Simply visit Sheddle Glossgleam in Dalaran and sit in the chair next to him…

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Tasty Cupcake | Buff Happy

Buff Happy. Eating cupcakes make your character happy for 2 hours. The drop rate is low, also this drops from several creatures. Tasty Cupcake

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Awesomefish | Buff Awesome!

Buff Awesome! Someone thinks you are awesome! Duration: 1 day. It’s not possible to self-target. Awesomefish

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Last Week’s Mammoth | Buff Sad

Buff Sad. If you want to make your character feeling sad for 2 hours, eat the Last Week’s Mammoth. Last Week’s Mammoth

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