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Duskweave Robe

The Duskweave Robe is crafted by tailors. There are other versions of this dress (same color and design) also available in game.

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Robes of Faltered Light

Dropped by: Entropius, the fifth boss in Sunwell Plateau. Drop Chance: 17.76% Robes of Faltered Light A similar dress is also available in game (same…

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Robes of Ghostly Hatred

This dress is sold by Yrma in exchange for 1  Robes of Faltered Light and 1  Sunmote. These 2 items can be obtained in Sunwell…

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Spellfire Robe

The Spellfire Robe is crafted by tailors. The patern is sold by Gidge Spellweaver in Shattrath City and Lalla Brightweave in Dalaran

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Frostwoven Robe

The Frostwoven Robe is crafted by tailors. There are other versions of this dress (same color and design) also available in game.

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Plain Robe

You can buy this dress from various vendors. Plain Robe

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Brown Linen Robe

The Brown Linen Robe can only be crafted by tailors. Brown Linen Robe

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Robes of Fate

This dress can be found in Murozond’s Temporal Cache (End Time). The drop rate is also quite decent. Robes of Fate

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Ariya’s Auspicious Robe

This dress drops from several mobs, however since it’s binds when equipped, you can also find it in the auction house. Ariya’s Auspicious Robe

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Fireflash Robes

The Fireflash Robes is a reward from Garrison Missions. Other dresses with the same color and the same design are also available in game:

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Amber-Starched Robes

This dress drops from rare elite mobs in Dread Wastes. Other versions of this dress (same color and design) are also available.

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Vestment of Summer

You can purchase the Elegant Dress during the Midsummer Fire Festival event for 100 Burning Blossom. This item is only available for purchase during the…

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Sanguine Robe

The drop rate for Sanguine Robe is quite low (drops from several mobs) but you can still find it in the Auction House. Sanguine Robe

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Robes of Azure Downfall

Dropped by: Sindragosa, the second boss in the Frostwing Halls of Icecrown Citadel. Drop Chance: 3.70% Robes of Azure Downfall

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Replica Magister’s Robes

You can purchase this dress from Barum, a vendor at the Darkmoon Faire for 75 Darkmoon Prize Ticket. If you don’t see it, remember to…

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Garments of Temperance

Dropped by: Gurtogg Bloodboil, the fifth boss in Black Temple. Drop Chance: 16.86% Garments of Temperance

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Darkmoon Robe

The Darkmoon Robe is a quest reward for inscription players only. You can buy it on the Auction house since the item is bind when…

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Blessed Medallion of Karabor

Trinket – Use: Teleports the bearer to the footsteps of Illidan’s fortress. (15 Min Cooldown) Blessed Medallion of Karabor This trinket is not that difficult…

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Formal Dangui

The Formal Dangui is exclusively sold by Geenia Sunshadow in limited number. This dress doesn’t bind so just camp the NPC with an alt, this…

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Ringo’s Blizzard Boots
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Ringo’s Blizzard Boots

That’s right, sandals with socks…a ‘must have’ Ringo’s Blizzard Boots They aren’t so easy to get though. They are dropped by 1 kind of trash…

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