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Dalaran Nurse’s Gown

This dress is available in two models: Dalaran Nurse’s Gown Noble’s Robe

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Robe of Apprenticeship

The Robe of Apprenticeship is sold by vendors. Robe of Apprenticeship

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Blue Linen Robe

The Blue Linen Robe is crafted by tailors. Blue Linen Robe

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Red Linen Robe

The Red Linen Robe is crafted by tailors. Red Linen Robe

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Spellbinder Robe

The Spellbinder Robe is a rare drop item but you can buy it in the auction house.

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Neophyte’s Robe

There are two ways of getting this dress. You can either buy it for cheap from Thomas Yance (friendly to both factions), or, if you…

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Disciple’s Robe

The Disciple’s Robe is a colorful dress you can get by farming some rare mobs or in the Auction House. It took me maybe 45…

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Solstice Robe

This dress is available in three models: Solstice Robe – Sold by vendors Consortium Robe – Dropped by several mobs with a low drop rate…

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Silvermoon Robes

The Silvermoon Robes is a beautiful dress usually worn by blood elf NPCs. The drop rate is quite decent, otherwise check the Auction house.

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Shadowcast Tunic

Shadowcast Tunic share the same pattern with the Silvermoon Robe.

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Elder’s Robe

This dress is available in two models Elder’s Robe Darkmist Wraps

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Brightcloth Robe

Brightcloth Robe Crafted with tailoring but a similar dress can be obtained by killing NPCs: Watcher’s Robes.

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Mooncloth Robe

The very famous Mooncloth Robe. Very popular in-game. This dress can be crafted with tailoring. Gather your ingredients and ask a tailor to craft you…

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Gaea’s Raiment

Very low drop rate for this dress but it can be found in the auction house. Gaea’s Raiment

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Draenic Silk Robes

I really like this dress. Sold by vendors on the Traveling Tundra Mammoth Hakmud of Argus. Draenic Silk Robes

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Watcher’s Tunic

This non-official set is composed of 3 different items: Watcher’s Tunic Quest reward Devil-Stitched Leggings: Dropped by Laj Laj is the fourth boss found in…

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Glacial Robe

This robe can be crafted with tailoring. It’s a very good looking dress. If you are not a tailor, then gather the ingredients and ask…

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Robes of the Royal Crown

This robe is available in two models. Robes of the Royal Crown: Dropped by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. This NPC can be found in Blackrock Depths….

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Consortium Combatant’s Robes

The Consortium Combatant’s Robes is a quest reward available to both factions. Quest Sabotage the Warp-Gate! Requires level 68. The entire quest takes place in…

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Baroque Apron

This specific model is no longer available in-game but you can still get a similar dress (the sleeves are slightly different) Councillor’s Robes See this…

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